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**UPDATE: Now 'moved' to 20 September 2022.**

  Still trying to sort this one out, but here's what we know.  There's an 11-CD box set from The Move on the release schedule only in Japan called The Move Complete Collection 1966-1970.  That's the good news.  The bad news is it comes from a distributor named UltraVive, which is rated very poorly from many Japan fans, and that's if we get this box set at all.

Nevertheless, the box set seems to compile its tracks from the 2007-2008 Salvo remasters, the 2016 Esoteric remasters and also The Move Anthology box set from 2008.

It's scheduled for release on July 27, 2022.  This page will be updated as we learn more.

The track list:

Disc 1 

Move (Part 1 - with bonus tracks)
1. Yellow Rainbow
2. Kilroy Was Here
3. (Here We Go Round) The Lemon Tree
4. Weekend
5. Walk Upon The Water
6. Flowers In The Rain
7. Hey Grandma
8. Useless Information
9. Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart
10. The Girl Outside
11. Fire Brigade
12. Mist On A Monday Morning
13. Cherry Blossom Clinic
14. Night Of Fear
15. Disturbance
16. I Can Hear The Grass Grow
17. Wave The Flag And Stop The Train
18. Vote For Me
19. You’re The One I Need
20. Winter Song
21. The Fugitive
22. Move Intro
23. Move
24. Don't Throw Stones At Me
25. Simple Simon (take 6, backing track, rough mix)
26. Night Of Fear (alternate take)
27. The Girl Outside (alternate take)
28. Vote For Me (alternate take)
29. Flowers In The Rain (acoustic version, rough mix)
30. Fire Brigade (piano version)
31. Flowers and Lemon Tea

Disc 2 

Move (Part 2 - with bonus tracks)
1. Yellow Rainbow (enhanced stereo)
2. Kilroy Was Here (remix)
3. Here We Go Round The Lemon Tree (remix)
4. Weekend (remix)
5. Walk Upon The Water (stereo)
6. Flowers In The Rain (remix)
7. Useless Information (Stereo)
8. Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart (remix)
9. The Girl Outside (alternate take, stereo)
10. Fire Brigade (remix)
11. Mist on a Monday Morning (remix)
12. Cherry Blossom Clinic (remix)
13. Night of Fear (remix)
14. I Can Hear The Grass Grow [enhanced stereo]
15. Kilroy Was Here (enhanced stereo)
16. Here We Go Round The Lemon Tree (stereo)
17. Weekend (stereo)
18. Flowers In The Rain (stereo)
19. Zing Went The Strings of My Heart (stereo)
20. Fire Brigade (enhanced stereo)
21. Mist on a Monday Morning (enhanced stereo)
22. Cherry Blossom Clinic (enhanced stereo)
23. Night of Fear (vocal session)
24. Disturbance (undubbed version)
25. I Can Hear The Grass Grow [full-length version]
26. Fire Brigade (Undubbed version)
27. Cherry Blossom Clinic (long version, stereo)
28. Fire Brigade (instrumental version)
29. Cherry Blossom Clinic (long version, mono)

Disc 3 

Move (Part 3 - bonus tracks/radio sessions)
1. Is It True
2. Too Many Fish in the Sea
3. Respectable
4. Don't Hang Up
5. I Can't Hear You No More
6. You Better Believe It Baby (BBC Sessions, 1967)
7. Night of Fear (BBC Sessions, 1967) 8. stop and get
8. Stop and Get A Hold Of Myself (BBC Sessions, 1967)
9. Kilroy Was Here (BBC sessions, 1967)
10. Interview with Carl Wayne (BBC sessions, 1967)
11. I Can Hear The Grass Grow [BBC Sessions, 1967] (BBC Sessions, 1967)
12. Walk Upon The Water (BBC Sessions, 1967)
13. Morning Dew (BBC Sessions, 1967)
14. Interview with Carl Wayne (bbc sessions, 1967)
15. Stephanie Knows Who (bbc sessions, 1967)
16. Flowers In The Rain (BBC Sessions, 1967)
17. So You Want To Be A Rock ’n’ Roll Star (BBC Sessions, 1967)
18. Hey Grandma (bbc sessions, 1967)
19. Cherry Blossom Clinic (bbc sessions, 1967)
20. Fire Brigade (BBC Sessions, 1968)
21. Weekend (BBC Sessions, 1968)
22. It'll Be Me (BBC Sessions, 1968)
23. Walk Upon The Water (BBC Sessions, 1968)
24. Useless Information (BBC Sessions, 1968)
25. Move (alternate edit)
26. Is It True (alternate version)
27. I Can Hear The Grass Grow [alternate version]
28. Here We Go Round The Lemon Tree (alternate mix, mono)
29. Fire Brigade (alternate mix, mono)
30. Kilroy Was Here (alternate mix)

Disc 4 

Something Else From The Move (with bonus tracks)
1. Move Bolero
2. It'll Be Me (stereo)
3. Too Much In Love (Stereo)
4. Flowers In The Rain
5. Fire Brigade
6. Stephanie Knows Who (Stereo)
7. Something Else (Stereo)
8. So You Want To Be A Rock 'n' Roll Star (Stereo)
9. The Price of Love
10. Piece Of My Heart (stereo)
11. Your Love Keep Lifting Me Higher and Higher (Stereo)
12. Sunshine Help Me (unedited version, stereo)
13. So You Want To Be A Rock 'n' Roll Star
14. Stephanie Knows Who
15. Something Else
16. It'll Be Me
17. Sunshine Help Me
18. Piece of My Heart
19. Too Much in Love
20. Your Love Keep Lifting Me Higher and Higher
21. Sunshine Help Me (Unedited Version)
22. The Price of Love (take 1, backing track)

Disc 5 

Blackberry Way: Singles 1968-1969 bonus tracks
1. Wild Tiger Woman (UK single version)
2. Omnibus
3. Blackberry Way
4. Something
5. Curly
6. This Time Tomorrow
7. Second Class (backing track)
8. Wild Tiger Woman (Stereo)
9. Omnibus (Full Length Version)
10. A Certain Something (stereo)
11. Curly [early version]
12. Second Class part 1
13. Second Class part 2
14. Wild Tiger Woman Blues (Undubbed Version)
15. A Certain Something [Italian version]
16. This Time Tomorrow (demo)
17. That Certain Something [demo]
18. Wild Tiger Woman
19. A Certain Something (piano version, rough mix)
20. Omnibus (enhanced stereo)
21. Blackberry Way [enhanced stereo]
22. Curly (enhanced stereo)
23. Blackberry Way [short version]
24. Blackberry Way [2011 version]

Disc 6 

Live at the Fillmore 1969 pt 1
1. Open My Eyes
2. Don't Make My Baby Blue
3. Cherry Blossom Clinic Revised
4. Last Thing On My Mind
5. I Can Hear The Grass Grow

Disc 7 

Live at the Fillmore 1969 pt 2
1. Fields of People
2. Goin' Back
3. Hello Suzie
4. Under The Ice
5. Introduction
6. Don't Make My Baby Blue
7. Cherry Blossom Clinic Revised
8. Last Thing on My Mind
9. open my eyes (alternate take)
10. Recollections of Bev Bevan

Disc 8 

Shazam part 1: original LP with bonus tracks
1. Hello Suzie
2. (Dialogue)
3. Beautiful Daughter
4. Cherry Blossom Clinic Revised
5. Fields of People
6. (Dialogue)
7. Don't Make My Baby Blue
8. Last Thing On My Mind
9. Beautiful Daughter (Reduced Mix)
10. Hello Suzie (Abridged US Single Version)
11. Beautiful Daughter (alternate version)
12. Hello Suzie (Abridged)
13. Beautiful Daughter (Reduced Mix, Stereo)

Disc 9 

Shazam part 2: radio sessions
1. Interview with Carl Wayne (bbc sessions, 1968)
2. Your Love Keep Lifting Me Higher and Higher (BBC Sessions, 1968)
3. Kentucky Woman (bbc sessions, 1968)
4. Interview with Bev Bevan (BBC Sessions, 1968)
5. Wild Tiger Woman (BBC Sessions, 1968)
6. Long Black Veil (BBC Sessions, 1968)
7. Piece of my Heart (BBC Sessions, 1968)
8. Goin' Back (BBC Sessions, 1968)
9. Blackberry Way [BBC Sessions, 1968]
10. California Girls (bbc sessions, 1968)
11. Christian Life (BBC Sessions, 1968)
12. Bev Bevan Interview (BBC Sessions, 1969)
13. Beautiful Daughter (BBC Sessions, 1969)
14. Goin' Out of My Head (BBC Sessions, 1969)
15. Evil Woman (BBC Sessions, 1969)
16. Carl Wayne Interview (bbc sessions, 1969)
17. Curly (BBC sessions, 1969)
18. Sound of Silence (BBC Sessions, 1969)
19. Abraham, Martin and John (BBC sessions, 1969)
20. Open My Eyes (BBC Sessions, 1969)
21. Hello Suzie (BBC Sessions, 1969)
22. Walk Right Back (BBC Sessions, 1969)
23. Fields of People (BBC Sessions, 1969)

Disc 10 

Looking On part 1: original LP with bonus tracks
1. Looking On
2. Turkish Tram Conductor Blues
3. What?
4. When Alice Comes Back To The Farm
5. Open Up the World at the Door
6. Brontosaurus
7. Feel To Good
8. The Duke of Edinburgh's Lettuce
9. Lightnin’ Never Strikes Twice
10. Brontosaurus (edited version, mono)
11. Looking On part 1 (take 3, rough mix)
12. Looking On part 2 (take 12, rough mix)
13. Turkish Tram Conductor Blues (take 5, rough mix)
14. Open Up Said The World At The Door (take 4, rough mix)
15. Feel Too Good (take 11 extract, rough mix)
16. The Duke of Edinburgh's Lettuce (take 2, rough mix)
17. Brontosaurus (edited version, stereo)
18. Feel To Good (radio edit)

Disc 11 

Looking On part 2: radio sessions/bonus tracks
1. She’s A Woman (BBC Sessions, 1970)
2. Interview with Bev Bevan (BBC Sessions, 1970)
3. Brontosaurus (BBC Sessions, 1970)
4. Falling Forever (BBC Sessions, 1970)
5. Lightnin’ Never Strikes Twice [BBC Sessions, 1970]
6. Looking on (BBC Sessions, 1970)
7. When Alice Comes Back To The Farm (BBC Sessions, 1970)
8. Bev Bevan and Roy Wood Interview (BBC Sessions, 1970)
9. She's A Woman (BBC Sessions, 1970)
10. Looking On (take 3 & take 12)
11. Lightnin’ Never Strikes Twice [alternate version]
12. Turkish Tram Conductor Blues (alternate version)

Sunday, April 3, 2022



Thank you, Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab!  The new Eldorado vinyl and SACD have arrived and are amazing.  I've said it before and I'll say it again.  Every ELO album deserves this level of treatment.

Look, the 2001, 2006-2007 digital remasters are still great, but this is a quality that can only be best explained by Tom Petty's high resolution releases from a few years ago.

The vinyl is in a gatefold cover now.  The original inner sleeve is on the gatefold, and the vinyl is stored in specialty clear plastic.  The SACD is presented in a mini-LP style.  No frills, no extras.  Just a beautifully sounding and flawless studio album.

Thursday, February 17, 2022



UPDATE 2/25: Rock On! will be on 180g red vinyl.

  Record Store Day 2022 is this coming April 23 to independent record stores.  On the list of LPs seeing release is Del Shannon's 1991 album Rock On!, produced (individually and collaboratively) by Jeff Lynne and Mike Campbell.  The Record Store Day Exclusive LP is limited to 2500 copies on Demon Records.

Monday, February 14, 2022


You how Super Bowl LVI's halftime show always shakes up the music charts after the performance?  Well, the commercials are nothing to sneeze at either, of course.  Check out how well ELO's Showdown fared after airing in a Michelob Ultra ad.  This is iTunes Top Songs chart in the hours after Super Bowl LVI:

Sunday, February 13, 2022

Thursday, December 30, 2021



A still from George Harrison's My Sweet Lord official video

Happy 74th Birthday, Jeff Lynne!

I hope everyone has a happy and joyous new year.  Bring on 2022!

Friday, December 24, 2021


Saturday, December 18, 2021


Mobile Fidelity is apparently pulling out all the stops for ELO's Eldorado.  On top of the 180g SuperVinyl edition and the SACD coming out in the Spring of 2022, there is now a 180g 45rpm 2LP box "coming soon."

Here's a link to what their record-making process entails and what to expect.  It's USD$125.  You can't pre-order yet and there's no set release date.

Do you get the sense that after 50 years, some people are finally realizing how good these records are?  I think every album deserves this kind of treatment, but I'm just one opinion.

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Friday, December 3, 2021




 On this date, exactly 50 years ago, Electric Light Orchestra was released in the UK, marking the start of a band that eventually became the soundtrack to the lives of many.  Also the start of a band that would have a sold-out concert arena tour, not in 1978 but in 2016, and didn't do too shabby in 2018/19 either.

You'd think there'd be more ways to celebrate other than an art print and a couple of pint glasses, but here we are. (And you can't even buy either of them now.)  If you're on Spotify, I suppose you can commemorate.  But most of us have way better digitized CDs collections than what's available to casually stream.

But either way, today is a great day to raise a pint.  Happy 50th Birthday, ELO!  Here's hoping #ELO51 will be, uh, er, more exciting?

Monday, November 8, 2021

Sunday, October 24, 2021



A much more reasonably-priced Wembley or Bust book by  Jeff Lynne's ELO is already out in some places overseas, but domestically, the book is on track for a November 2, 2021 release from Genesis Publications.




For the record, the Mobile Fidelity edition of ELO's Eldorado, which was supposed to ship in December  2021 is now 'pushed back' to Spring 2022.

Thursday, August 19, 2021



Saturday, May 29, 2021



Jeff Lynne's both solo albums Armchair Theatre and Long Wave, the ELO titles Electric Light Orchestra Live and Zoom and the Jeff Lynne's ELO titles Alone In The Universe, Wembley or Bust and From Out Of Nowhere - will be re-issued in a Mini-LP CD formats.  ELO Live, Armchair Theatre and Zoom are already Mini-LP, but now the others will follow.  All titles will be uniform now.

In addition, ELO's main Sony catalog will be joining them from 1973's On The Third Day, 1974's Eldorado, 1975's Face The Music, 1976's A New World Record, 1977's Out Of The Blue, 1979's Discovery, 1981's Time, 1983's Secret Messages (will supposedly be the 2018 'double LP' version) and 1986's Balance of Power.

 Edit: I'm going to suspect these CDs will be void of any bonus tracks.

All of these CDs will have a fresh 50th Anniversary obi on them.

That's the good news.  The not-so-good news is that ELO 1, ELO 2, Long Beach, and Xanadu, as well as any compilation (Ole ELO, ELO's Greatest Hits, Flashback, etc) will not be taking part.  This does not bode well for the future.

These are all slated for an August 25, 2021 release.

Wednesday, May 26, 2021


Some t-shirts and other memorabilia are ready for the taking.  Just visit jefflynneseloshop and get a look at some of the new items available for purchase including this print celebrating 50 years of ELO.

Friday, March 19, 2021



According to a story on, Jeff Lynne just dropped a cool $10 million on a house in Brentwood.  Nice way to celebrate 50 years of ELO, isn't it??