Wednesday, March 7, 2007


In a rare move, Jeff reveals the big picture on his upcoming projects to a Japanese magazine. Toshiki Komeda found the article in Japan’s Strange Days Magazine and shared it with the Showdown List. Here are the headlines:

The Traveling Wilburys upcoming remasters will be a box set with a documentary DVD. Four bonus tracks will be included, two are recently finished with Dhani Harrison playing on them. The other two are presumably the b-side Runaway, and Nobody’s Child from the Romanian Angel Appeal charity CD.

Some releases rumored to the first centered around Jeff Lynne’s own record label are still in the pipeline. Zoom Tour Live on 2CD and an expanded version of Armchair Theatre were rumored back in 2003. I’m assuming (and take my assumptions with a grain of salt) the 2001 ELO album Zoom might also be lumped into this bunch.

Nothing else in the immediate future for ELO. We got a remastered main catalog, that’s better than a lot of fans of other bands have gotten. (That doesn’t mean I still don’t have a wish list…) Sadly, the Long Beach concert from 1974 probably won’t be finished. Sad because it wasn’t that bad of a concert.

A solo album is not out of the question. But it sounds like he has nothing recorded for it.