Friday, May 17, 2019


From the ASCAP press release on their website:
Pop music icon and leader of ELO Jeff Lynne was feted with the prestigious ASCAP Founders Award for his unparalleled hitmaking talent and a career that spans more than five decades. Famed guitarist and fellow Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee Joe Walsh bestowed the honor. Previous recipients include Elvis Costello, Annie Lennox, Sir Paul McCartney, Joni Mitchell, Tom Petty, Patti Smith, Stevie Wonder and Neil Young. As part of the show, Lynne treated the audience to an unusual stripped-down performance of three of his monster hits, “Telephone Line," "Evil Woman" and “All Over the World."
Unusual?  Or Unusually?



Warner Music Group has a new digital-only playlist/collection of early tracks from Jeff's career called Jeff Lynne Songbook.  The Idle Race, The Move and ELO are represented here including a few 'harder-to-find' versions as of late.

01  The Move - Do Ya (single version)
02  ELO - Roll Over Beethoven
03  The Idle Race - The Skeleton And The Roundabout
04  The Move - The Minister
05  ELO - Mr. Radio
06  The Idle Race - Morning Sunshine
07  The Idle Race - The Birthday
08  The Move - The Words of Aaron
09  ELO - In Old England Town (Boogie #2)
10  The Move - Message From The Country
11  The Idle Race - Imposters of Life's Magazine
12  The Move - No Time
13  ELO - Nellie Takes Her Bow
14  ELO - From The Sun To The World
15  The Idle Race - I Like My Toys
16  ELO - Kuiama
17  ELO - My Woman (Ma-Ma-Ma Belle Version)
18  The Idle Race - On With The Show
19  ELO - 10538 Overture
20  The Idle Race - Mrs. Ward
21  The Move - Down On The Bay
22  ELO - Queen Of The Hours
23  The Idle Race - End Of The Road
24  ELO - Everyone's Born To Die
25  The Idle Race - The Lady Who Said She Could Fly
26  ELO - Manhattan Rumble (49th Street Massacre)
27  The Idle Race - Sea Of Dreams
28  The Idle Race - Days of the Broken Arrows
29  ELO - Showdown
30  ELO - Mama (2001 edit)

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