Saturday, October 30, 2010


The card sleeves on this set are straight up scans of original LP covers.  A New World Record even shows sleeve wear along the top and On The Third Day is kinda dirty.  Was that on purpose??

That said, the set is actually kinda cool.

Friday, October 29, 2010


It looks like November 8 is the UK release day for the re-sized Flashback box set from ELO which was originally released 10 years ago.  Hard to believe it's been ten years.

Anyone have or find a higher-res picture/jpg of this set?


Rossif Sutherland has been blogging about his recent recording experience and it turns out he may release a physical CD after all, one way or another. Here's a relevant passage:
After that, hopefully sometime before Christmas, I'll make my way back down here with Seth to work with Matt on mixing this thing. And after that, we'll get it mastered. By that point I should have all the art work for the album done and be ready to actually make cds. Not quite sure how I'll be making it available at first, online I guess and hardcopies through ebay maybe. I look forward to sharing the music...
In early January, after I finish shooting this movie I have to do here in Toronto, which I'm very excited to be a part of, I will return to Texas for seven days of mixing, then the last step will be mastering, and then I have a record:) I look forward to sharing the music...
Sutherland's These Words, Waiting For The Train and In The Clouds are produced by Jeff Lynne and are still available to hear on his MySpace page.  He previously wrote that he'll include all three on his CD, but time will tell if he sticks to that plan.  It sounds like he's been pretty productive lately.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


What the resized Flashback will look like courtesy of

Monday, October 11, 2010


What the Original Album Classics series will look like:


Tim Fraser-Harding at Sony Music Int'l gave everyone on the Showdown mailing list a heads-up about this a few weeks ago.  A re-sized (to DVD-sized hard-bound book) Flashback box set is on the schedule for release, perhaps as soon as November.  Amazon's various websites are differing on the release date with the UK site saying 8 November, but ominously not taking pre-orders yet.  The US site, which is offering the box set as an import, is showing November 16, and the German site is saying 5 November. says 8 November as well.  Standby for clarification.