Sunday, October 16, 2005


I can't help but to think what could be.

Sony/BMG, which is currently home to our Electric Light Orchestra, is ready to unleash what they call their most extentive album reissue campaign to date.  In what looks to be a rather incredible set, eight Eurythmics albums are being upgraded and expanded to be sold as separate CDs or as a deluxe boxed set.  The soundtrack to 1984 is not among them though.  The albums are remastered by Dave Stewart and now include at least 4 bonus tracks each... Touch has 7.

So, an 8 album set is Sony BMG's most extentive reissue campaign to date??  A similar ELO set would probably involve 12 albums, 13 if you include Long Beach.

I can't help but to think of what could be.

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simon10538 said...

I have that Eurythmic box set and they are remastered not by Dave Stewart but by Ian Cooper,it includes over 40 bonus tracks,a majority of which are unreleased. Also in the box we get extensive unseen photos and artwork,each album sounds wonderful.

I did mention the ELO concept of doing the Eurythmics,box and Rob Caiger,said see how the single albums sell.

Although the ELO universe is always at war with itself,crying like babies over this and that,we have been lucky really,despite what the 'know it all experts' say and the 'snobbery'which exist,within, those that think they know it all,we actually have a wealth of great music. Whatever way you like to hear it is upto you. For nearly 40 years Jeff Lynne,who is ELO by definition of his work,has graced the grooves of the record industry nearly every year in some fashion.

After 1986,when ELO was buried by Jeff Lynne,after "Balance Of Power",we all thought,that would be it,in fact it would turn out to be the richest 15 years ever.

We had 2 co-produced Petty albums,2 Wilbury albums,1 solo album 2,Harrison albums,some Roy Orbison and D. Eddy 3 track s each,the Del Shannon album "Rock On" which Jeff,finished after DEL, died. Work with the Beatles,Randy Newman,Brian Wilson. 2001 arrives then we get "ZOOM".

This year we are told remasters of Idle Race,ELO and the Move and Roy Wood,will finish this project off. This is great for the real fans ,that just love the music, all Jeff's work all under one roof.

So thanks to MR Jeff Lynne,for giving so much musical joy,to myself amd millions of others. I worry that the whole ELO/Jeff Lynne experience is being hijacked by rather sad and twisted people, who set out to spoil it for others

Well this year or next if it all goes to plan,ELO and Jeff's music,will be reclaimed by the true fans,we know who we are,no we are not ego maniacs or anti anyone else,we love all music,but most of all we love Jeff's music.

Rock On 2006