Sunday, March 12, 2006


Let's check the score, shall we?

Various Artists - Brumbeat: The Story of the 60s Midlands Sound (on Castle/Sanctuary)  Out now... and getting good feedback from it.  Post feedback on this if you can.

Carl Wayne: Songs From The Wood and Beyond  (on Castle/Sanctuary)  Already released.

Electric Light Orchestra - The Collection (EMI collection)   Out starting March 13.  Budget collection.  I have one on the way, will post my thoughts on it later.

Electric Light Orchestra - Out Of The Blue Live at Wembley DVD  (allegedly with stereo/surround mix at last)   March 20

Electric Light Orchestra - No AnswerELO II (USA remastered editions)  March 28.

Electric Light Orchestra - On The Third Day, Face The Music and A New World Record:  all remastered and expanded on May 16. (the source of this info) was almost spot on about No Answer and ELOII way back when...

Roy Wood - Look Through The Eyes of Roy Wood (on Castle/Sanctuary)  March 13, but not a peep on this yet.

Roy Wood - The Wizzard (on EMI)  April 3... advance promos already circulating.

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dlobro1080 said...


Regarding the US remasters of No Answer and ELO 2 -- do you know if these differ in any way (besides fewer tracks) from the remastered EMI editions that came out 2 years ago?  The bonus tracks look like stuff we've heard before, but maybe I'm wrong?  I'm wondering if they're worth buying...