Tuesday, July 25, 2006


I'll give these guys this much, there something in each of these tracks that makes you come back.  This CD is not just meant for immediate gratification.  The CD is holding up better than I first thought.

Funny how many reviews of Highway Companion I've read that mention that Jeff scaled his production this time... again.  Maybe, maybe not.  It's simply the same high quality work he normally does.  Tom's songwriting and Mike's guitar playing never waver, either.

Let the road be long.

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branwenfan said...

This new album is better than i thought it would be, for me its the best  since full moon fever. Great slide guitar bits, nice riffs on and off throughout and Toms voice sounds very pure and cool. Jeffs production is at its best here, not too heavy, it all flows along just right. I was a bit fed up at first when i read the sleeve notes and found out that Jeff hadn't co-written any tracks but Toms songs are so good I dont think it matters.