Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Face The Music on CD went through some interesting formations through the years, the first US pressing was made using the Singles/banded for airplay version, thereby cutting an already short album shorter.  Then in 1995 came the rather impressive Gold Disc Mastersound edition which had a 30 second hidden track before track 1.

But now, we have the 2006 remastered edition, 16 page booklet, improved sound, the whole nine yards.  When we talk about restored album artwork for this CD, it basically means they removed the Compact Disc/Digitally mastered/Analog Recording seal from the front and replaced it with a much more obnoxious FBI warning on the back.  Go figure.

Again, not much to argue on how well the CD sounds.  One Summer Dream really shines on this, as does Fire On High and Nightrider.  As for Bonus tracks:

Fire On High Intro (Early Alternative mix)- this will not get an everday listen, but it is rather fun to hear what they had in mind when they created this.  Bev Bevan's "fantastic" as it fades out puts the exclamation point on this cool outtake.

Evil Woman (Stripped Down Mix)- Jeff Lynne says in the liner notes that this mix is better than the original.  I'm on board with that sentiment.  Outside of Telephone Line (Instrumental), this is the best new track on this batch of remasters.  Extra verse?  Awesome.

Strange Magic (US Single Edit)- complete waste of valuable space.  Strange Magic is fine the way it is.  Unless it's a singles collection, I find edits to be completely pointless.  There's a unique mix of One Summer Dream on a UK single which would have suited this spot better than an edit of Strange Magic.

Waterfall (Instrumental Mix)- Very pleasant selection.

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