Tuesday, April 17, 2007


An early word of caution about the new Wilburys collection sets.  Make sure you know what you're ordering if you're buying these sets online.  There have been Traveling Wilburys 2CD+1DVD collections on the bootleg market for years.  eBay and even Amazon have been selling them, apparently in droves.  The package quality is decent as far as bootlegs are concerned, but the audio/video will not nearly be that good.

I would use the press release about the upcoming official Traveling Wilburys Collection as a guide.

But in summary:  If the CDs have 10 bonus tracks each, they are bootlegs

If the DVD has 2 hours of random footage, it's a bootleg.

If there's a cheesey (and misfitted) font over the original Volume One CD artwork, it's a bootleg.

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