Tuesday, June 5, 2007



I'm not really a fan of digipacks, although I thought the original booklet for Highway Companion (being almost the size of a passport) was kind of clever.  That's why I find this edition a reasonable improvement packaging wise.

But of course what really matters here are the bonus tracks.

Home:  I haven't exactly connected with this yet.  It holds the same "default" (for lack a better term) theme as the album's second half.  No one highlight really sticking out here.

Around The Roses: Totally different story.  And frankly, I get selfish and frustrated when I think this song could have sat unreleased for years.  Great mood, gorgeous harmonies and beautiful guitar work.

Big Weekend (demo):  Eh.

This Old Town (demo): I like this.  The finished version isn't that much heavier, but if you enjoy it, the demo is a nice calmer alternative.

Is this the next (maybe last) trend in CD marketing?  An expanded special edition of a year old album?  Well, we have no singles anymore.  So if this is what gets extra songs released these days, I'm in.

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