Tuesday, October 9, 2007


We knew it was going to happen eventually, just not so soon.  Much of George Harrison's catalog (mainly the recently remastered stuff) has become available on iTunes.  George is the last of the Fab Four to enter the digital realm, but sadly, nothing yet from the Fab Four.

One thing that may not sit well with fans: several of the new digitial editons contain an additional bonus track from their 2004 remastered editions, but only available if you buy the whole album.  Further proof that there's a long way to go before record companies stop being clueless about how to deal with digital music.

Cloud Nine's bonus bonus track is Got My Mind Set On You (Extended Version) which was previously only available on vinyl.  I wish I can purchase just that.  Oh well, another lost sale for them.

I hope Radiohead blows the doors off the current digital music industry with their new album.  I'm buying it and paying them for it, too.

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