Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Indeed, Ticket To The Moon landed in retail shops stateside today.  Besides a smaller and bolder font on the back insert and spine, nothing new to report from my previous review of this disc.  The set is also available on iTunes.

I'm frankly not sure how releases work in the few shops we can actually buy CDs anymore.  But my local Borders was already carrying the UK import of Ticket To The Moon, so they were not carrying the USA edition released today.  While stocking the import makes for a better CD retailer, I would think that's a downside to staggering worldwide release days.

So, long story short, unless you're a collector, I'd just buy the remastered albums.  They're much easier to listen to than having Eldorado cut & pasted between two 80s tracks.

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rfvendlii said...

Wish Sony UK would use stickers like that, I do like it and instead of Eldorado, I'm Alive should have made the cut!