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From Rhino:

THE WILBURYS RETURN STRIKES GOLD The Traveling Wilburys Collection Is Certified Gold as Rhino Releases Remastered and Expanded Versions of Volume 1 and Volume 3 Individually

Available June 3 from Rhino Records

May 05 2008


After being out-of-print for more than a decade, Rhino reintroduced The Traveling Wilburys' music last year with The Traveling Wilburys Collection. The set, which features previously unreleased bonus tracks, has been certified gold. The legendary super-group of musical "brothers" stays in the spotlight as Rhino releases expanded and remastered versions of the band's historic, Grammy-winning 1988 debut and 1990 follow-up as individual albums.

With a lineup featuring esteemed artists Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Jeff Lynne, Roy Orbison, and Tom Petty, the Traveling Wilburys were a one-of-a-kind musical phenomenon. The remastering of the music featured on VOLUME 1 and VOLUME 3 was supervised by Lynne.

The all-star configuration came about by chance when the members convened at a Southern California studio in 1988 to record a B-side for a single by Harrison. Recalling the group's origins, Harrison was often quoted as saying: "And so everybody was there and I thought, I'm not gonna just sing it myself, I've got Roy Orbison standing there. I'm gonna write a bit for Roy to sing. And then, as it progressed, thenI started doing the vocals and I just thought I might as well push it a bit and get Tom and Bob to sing the bridge." The experience recording "Handle With Care" was so much fun they decided to release it under the Wilburys moniker and continue the collaboration with an album's worth of songs.

Their camaraderie is heard in every groove on Rhino's remastered reissue of their now-historic, VOLUME 1. The album achieved wide critical acclaim, and most critics agreed that the music was so extraordinary because of the modest ambitions of the band, which translated to a fresh and relaxing sound. Rolling Stone instantly hailed it as one of the Top 100 Albums of all time. The album also saw commercial success: it reached #3 on the Album charts, garnered double-platinum status, and earned the group a Grammy for Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group. The remastered version includes the bonus tracks "Maxine" and "Like A Ship."

The Wilburys followed it up in 1990 with the group's second full-length, VOLUME 3. The disc was recorded without Orbison, who passed away in '88, but the songs are still full of the spirit that made their musical "brotherhood" the stuff of legend. With Harrison and Lynne producing again, both "She's My Baby" and "Wilbury Twist" became radio hits as the album reached #11 in the U.S. and achieved platinum success. The remastered version includes the bonus tracks "Nobody's Child" and "Runaway."

Track Listing

1. "Handle With Care"
2. "Dirty World"
3. "Rattled"
4. "Last Night"
5. "Not Alone Any More"
6. "Congratulations"
7. "Heading For The Light"
8. "Margarita"
9. "Tweeter And The Monkey Man"
10. "End Of The Line"
Bonus Tracks
11. "Maxine"
12. "Like A Ship"

Track Listing

1. "She's My Baby"
2. "Inside Out"
3. "If You Belonged To Me"
4. "The Devil's Been Busy"
5. "7 Deadly Sins"
6. "Poor House"
7. "Where Were You Last Night?"
8. "Cool Dry Place"
9. "New Blue Moon"
10. "You Took My Breath Away"
11. "Wilbury Twist"
Bonus Tracks
12. "Nobody's Child"
13. "Runaway"

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