Tuesday, September 9, 2008



A standard re-issue of the new Traveling Wilburys Volume One and Volume 3 CDs from Rhino will be released in Japan on September 24.  You'd think someone at a record company with a little foresight would think to re-issue these as mini-LP paper sleeve editions, but alas, these are apparently standard CDs.


While on the topic of half-assed re-issues, ELO's Out of the Blue was indeed re-issued earlier this year.  Turns out, it's the remastered CD with the bonus tracks, new standard booklet, but the old ZGK 35530 back insert.  All that can be yours for a measly $6.  You'll know it's the budget version when you pick the CD up and one side of the tray insert is blank.


dandjslats said...

Did anyone hear or see the commercial for Jet Blue whitch sounds like a new re-recording of Mr Blue Sky? Wouldnt be cool to see a greatist hits package of all re-recorded hit songs by Jeff Lynne and then a new CD of new material, like the Journey CD of Revalation?

Jerry said...

I actually would rather a CD of remixes of the old stuff. The few he put out so far are really enjoyable.