Wednesday, October 29, 2008

UJLRP 1997-2008

After plenty of consideration and very generous offers from readers, I've come to conclusion that I'm going to let the Unofficial Jeff Lynne Reference Page expire after Friday without rehosting it.  However, I believe this blog could pick up the slack.  Over the next several weeks, I plan to reuse much of the information that was written on the UJLRP into fresh posts here.  Then, I'll keep the continuous collection of links stored on this page.

It will take time, though.  Since there's still not much in the immediate pipeline from what we can tell, this will make for a good opportunity to refresh the content.  After the review for the Move box set, the evergreen posts will start appearing.

As for the Move box set, I'm told there are production/print problems that are keeping FTM and possibly other places from shipping them.  So, we're keeping an eye out for that.


swarlock said...

Good for you, Jerry.

Whatever happens I'll be here for the changes which will be all good.

Happy Halloween.

Greg Sapara said...

I'm not going anywhere either!!

Best of luck!

rob10538 said...

when I first discovered this page, I was enthralled and spent hours gathering up information and JL related music/productions I never knew existed. I visited almost daily seeking new information and was rarely disappointed. Soon we shall discover a new comet...... said...

I loved it!!!!

But, please, can you take a look at my Jeff-Lynne-Tribut, also?! Thank You!!!