Saturday, December 13, 2008


I've been meaning to post about other ELO and related promos over the last few years, but this one looks to be quite unique.  An EMI Publishing CDR sampler of ELO's music has surfaced in the US with an usual track list.  It starts with (the long forgotten and neglected gem) Building Have Eyes and finishes with Lily Allen's cover of Mr. Blue Sky and remix cover of Evil Woman.

I'd be interested to see if Buildings Have Eyes is of "remastered" quality and not a pull from Afterglow.  If I can nail one down, I'll post an update.

  1. Buildings Have Eyes
  2. Turn To Stone
  3. When Time Stood Still
  4. It's Over
  5. Do Ya
  6. Strange Magic
  7. Twilight
  8. Destination Unknown
  9. Hold On Tight
  10. Ma Ma Ma Belle
  11. Livin' Thing
  12. Shangri-La
  13. Don't Bring Me Down
  14. Easy Money
  15. Calling America
  16. Rock'n'Roll Is King
  17. Can't Get It Out Of My head
  18. Mr. Blue Sky - Lily Allen
  19. Evil Woman (Salad Fingers Mix) - The Hamptons


Anonymous said...

It's a fake. This compilation was made by a fan and he tries to make money with it.

Jerry said...

I would have thought so, but it's from a reputable retailer. And these publishing samplers are not uncommon. Again, I hope to have one soon to inspect it. But you may be right...