Friday, March 6, 2009


I have to admit, this is probably the first time I ever looked at a CD and was this amazed at how crammed full of material it is.  This new 25-track Move best-of comes from Salvo, the label that gave us the impressive (however somewhat unfulfilling for Jeff Lynne fans) restoration series of The Move's original LPs and career spanning box set.

Some highlights on The Very Best of The Move:
  • The CD is housed in a standard jewel case with card slipcover.
  • Five tracks are unique to this collection. 
  • Flowers In The Rain is the "original stereo album track" (apparently different from the newly created stereo version released in 2007... okaaaay) 
  • I Can Hear The Grass Grow and Fire Brigade are enhanced stereo.
  • Omnibus and Wild Tiger Woman are the original mono versions which didn't appear on previous Salvo releases.
  • Do Ya is thankfully full-length.
  • There's a reference to Nip/Tuck's recent use of Piece of My Heart.
  • For the masses, the liner notes are concise.  For the fans, some of the pictures are new.  A thoughtful balance.
The Move can't claim as many comp CDs as ELO.  For that matter, neither can most bands.  But it's pretty safe to say you can stash away any old Move best-of's for good.  

When you teach your friends Move 101, this is your textbook.


Baz said...

An interesting compilation with a strange running order and some odd choices. As interesting as it is, I would never had chosen "Don't Throw Stones At Me"... despite it's rough and ready sound, I'd had chosen "You're The One I Need" instead since that shows how incredible The Move were at the very start and a much better showcase for Ace Kefford's vocals.

I'm also wondering just why Salvo has to go and ruin it with a couple more godawful "enhanced stereo" tracks. They should had just stuck to mono for those... "Grass" is one of the greatest singles EVER but I can't see newcomers being tolerant of the horrible sound quality of these faked stereo mixes so that dullens the overall impact and blightens this set. A real shame because in the 21st century there is absolutely no place for any "fake" stereo.

I won't be buying this just so I can get remastered versions of the stereo Flowers and the two mono tracks new to the Salvo series, let alone a fake stereo Fire Brigade to sit alongside the multiple versions we now have of that song... live, instrumental, early mix, stereo mix, BBC... the mind boggles!

Thanks for an illuminating look and providing some facts I wanted to know about the contents which has helped me decide to keep my wallet in my pocket. It is hugelt appreciated.

Jerry said...

Points taken...

I've given up on any compilations having anything we'll find exciting.

But these CDs have their own purpose: a comp for the masses, if they want to hear it. We gain nothing from these, so you have to judge it on whether the CD is a good sampling the band's work. I think this works. Again, you make a valid point with the fake stereo. Either way, on the whole, this is a huge quality improvement for The Move.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jerry,

My name is Dirceu, i'm from Brazil. First, let me tell you how nice it is your blog! I'm 24 years old and a 'new' fan of The Move and ELO.

In fact, I'm writing to see if you can show me a light regarding this 'Very Best Of The Move' that Salvo released last year.

I bought the Move albums Salvo released and those 'fake stereo' did really bothered me.

I was wishing to buy this compilation seeking for some MONO mixes from some songs: Blackberry Way and Curly.

Does they are in MONO in this compilation?

Hope you can help me. I don't want to spend more money on 'recreated stereo', ARGH!