Tuesday, April 14, 2009


George Harrison got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame today.
Olivia and Dhani Harrison, Jeff Lynne, Tom Petty and Paul McCartney were among the many there for the ceremony.
Photo by Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images.

To coincide with the event, Capitol announced Let It Roll: The Songs of George Harrison for a June 16 release.  It's George Harrison's first ever career-spanning hits collection.

No track list yet, but Steve Marinucci from the reliable AbbeyRd's Beatle Page believes there could be a rarity on it.  My rarity vote is for Cheer Down.


Barry said...

A balls-out remaster of Cheer Down would be just what the doctor ordered. Call me kookie, but that's quite possibly the most played song that I have from either George or Jeff. I've always thought that the mastering on Darkhorse was a little muddy. Anyone else get that impression?

Anonymous said...

ya i agree,great picture,glad to see george's friends attend,actually i thought the cassette sounded better than the cd -cory e

Jerry said...

I was hoping for a few things... a 2CD set and perhaps a "new" tune. But based on the limited info on the press release, neither appear to be the case. That's OK, though. Cheer Down would be a great addition. Best of Dark Horse is actually a pretty good collection, but the audio quality isn't as up to snuff as it is today. The promo CD for Cheer Down has better sound... however, the Lethal Weapon 2 soundtrack from where this track originated is much too weak and thin. A properly remastered version of it would be great to have in the kitty.

Anonymous said...

Interesting how times change. 20 years ago, it would have been Jeff in the background like Joe Walsh is. And not even mentioned in the article.

Jerry said...

Just saw the video of George's ceremony on georgeharrison.com

Olivia reveals the new best-of was remastered by Giles Martin. That's huge.