Monday, August 3, 2009


UPDATE (8/10): This is just a priced-down re-issue of the 2001 remaster.

In the (USA) shops tomorrow is a re-issue of ELO's Secret Messages from Sony/BMG Custom Marketing Group. Order links are at Amazon and CD Universe.

Clearly, this is similar to what they did with Out Of The Blue last year. They take the remastered CD and place it in old original CD packaging, but with the remaster booklet. Since that version of it came out, the 2007 editions (standard and deluxe) have disappeared.

But why Secret Messages? And is this, especially considering the big picture, anything other than a complete waste of energy? Is the 2001 remaster discontinued now? Will there even be a CD tomorrow? The same fiasco happened with Ole ELO last year, too.


Gregg said...

I recently picked up all the ELO remasters on Amazon when they dropped to $7.98. I was surprised that "Out Of The Blue [Limited Edition]" and "Secret Messages" were OOP. I was able to find mint condition copies of those for about $12 each.

swarlock said...

I'm not surprised to be honest. Just another one of The Music Industry's Ten to One Blunders.