Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I was doing a bit of eBay browsing today and saw these: 7" vinyl picture discs of Free As A Bird and Real Love.  I've never knew these existed and judging from the bids they're getting, they might be real and quite rare.  Any of you guys have or seen these before??


Neil said...

Never seen these before, and I don't recall them released in the UK with the singles / anthology. Could they have been released at a later date?

Jerry said...

Just talked with a fellow collector today, he says yes indeed, he came across them in 1995 but did not buy them. I'm not sure I would have picked them up back then either. I was quite content on owning the CD collectibles, which turned out not to be that collectible. Seems to be there's always an oddball collectible in the mix somewhere when it comes to the Beatles.

Dan Brooks said...

Man, I actually think my folks have 1 of these!