Friday, May 7, 2010


At long last, Jeff Lynne and ELO have an official website again.  Some opening thoughts:

A very nice and fresh new bio.  Interesting Richard Tandy is the only other member of ELO mentioned by name.  That will not sit well with some fans.

Xanadu is finally acknowledged.

Copyright 2008.  Copyright 2008 Electric Light Orchestra.

So, Electric Light Orchestra is now on the Live Nation merchandise roster...(LOL..  Sorry about the rooster, I type a little too quickly at times. Please feel free to point out these lapses in English to my attention.)

I know the spaceship T-shirts work for the mainstream buyer, but I bet a rustic Secret Messages-themed T-shirt would sell like mad among fans. I'd pay $24.95 for that.

To the IT guys: The track lists are a bit off... Track 8 on Time, Track 9 on ELO II Beethover?  All She Wanted is listed 4 times.  I would think the official website is where you want to get it right.

No links to buy the music?  No links to iTunes or Amazon mp3??

Nice look, just not much to it yet...


Anonymous said...

Yeah, just had a quick look (which is all it takes at the moment) and registered.
A good start, and obviously open to expansion - free downloads, etc?
Any non hardcore ELO fan looking at this site would come to the conclusion that Jeff Lynne was the only member of the group, and that a bloke called Richard Tandy helped him out a bit!

Jerry said...

So, the occasion appears to be nothing more than ELO being added to the Live Nation merchandise rooster.

Seven years in the making and it's launched with a bio, album list (with tons of errors) and a link to buy T-shirts and a DVD.

Anonymous said...

ya thats pretty sad,when the IT's cant even cut n paste correctly on the track lists,pretty embarrassing


Ben said...

Hey, go easy on 'em. Yes, it's embarrassing that they made so much mistakes after seven years. But to me, the very fact that it's open makes me excited. I think this might be the year that ELO/Jeff Lynne fans have been waiting for for a long time :)I was a little mad, though, that the ELO bio on the website had no mention of Kelly, Mik, Roy Wood, etc. But whatevs.

Anonymous said...

lol,looks like they fixed the track lists,nice start


swarlock said...

Splitting hairs over the inaccuraties
over NOT mentioning everyone else who was involved is kind of silly to be honest.

This is a work in progress at the moment. It'll get fixed eventually.

TrekkiELO said...

It's not "splitting hairs" when you take into account was 7 years in the making!

I ordered a Zoom t-shirt yesterday, $3.95 extra for XXL, so it was $40.50 as that total also includes $8.95 S&H, ouch!


Jerry said...

Merchandise roster, not rooster. And sadly, I made that spelling error twice. Sorry 'bout that.