Tuesday, November 30, 2010


The Hollywood Reporter has a new interview with producer Peter Asher who revealed he's working on a Buddy Holly tribute collection and that Jeff Lynne is contributing a song to it, a cover of 'Words of Love':

THR: You’re equally passionate about the music of Buddy Holly. Tell us about the tribute album you’re putting together. 
Asher: I am a huge fan. Buddy Holly was one of the things that brought Gordon and I together at school, back in the very formation of Peter and Gordon. I was more of a folkie, Gordon was more of a rocker and he pretty much taught me about Buddy Holly. Those songs always meant a lot to me, so when I was approached to take on the production of a Buddy Holly tribute for the 50th anniversary of his death, I was happy to do so. We've done seven tracks so far: Stevie Nicks, Lyle Lovett, Jeff Lynne who produced his own version of “Words of Love,” which is brilliant, The Fray, Chris Isaac .... Who have I left out? 

Even though Asher is an acclaimed producer in his own right, he says Jeff produced his own version:

THR: And you’re producing every track? 
Asher: So far, the only one I didn't do is Jeff Lynne because he does all his stuff in his own studio, his own way. So I was happy spectator and visitor, but everything else has been tracked in L.A. at Conway Studios.

And the next question... when:
THR: When do you hope to have it out and who will release it? 
Asher: I'd like to see it come out in late spring. It may be a direct-to-retail deal, it’s still a bit up in the air.

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