Tuesday, December 28, 2010


A new recording of ELO's Livin' Thing by Jeff Lynne is now in a Dutch commercial for the World Wildlife Fund:

For those keeping score, re-recorded versions of:
Mr. Blue Sky
Evil Woman
Don't Bring Me Down
Livin' Thing
have made the rounds on film and TV shows/commercials.


Anonymous said...

I find it to be important that Jeff have re recorded Livin' thing for WWF to be used in a video.
I am a member of WWF in Sweden and care a lot for our animals and a living planet.
Because of WWF I have now put Jeff
up on a even higher pedistal.
He is my HERO! Love Lynnette "Cicky" Johansson

Russ said...

I'm even more convinced this 'solo' project is an ELO re-makes one. He said in a radio interview a while back he has 27 new tracks - he didn't mention brand new songs - I'm assuming now he meant re-recorded ELO songs.

But if true - this is still great news for us, a whole album of freshly recorded classic ELO songs would be a wonderful addition from Jeff for the fans to enjoy.

Can I be that far wrong about this?

Anonymous said...

Great to hear Jeff's voice in top form, but I REALLY hope that the upcoming album is all new material.

KProvance said...

I still hear Grocutt in there. It can't be all *that* new. Perhaps remix is a better term.