Thursday, September 1, 2011


Sony/BMG will be releasing The Essential Electric Light Orchestra in the UK.  This time a 2 CD collection spanning the length of the ELO brand.

Disc 1

10538 Overture
Roll Over Beethoven
Ma-Ma-Ma Belle
Can't Get It Out Of My Head
Evil Woman
Strange Magic
Livin' Thing
Do Ya
Telephone Line
Turn To Stone
Mr. Blue Sky
Sweet Talkin' Woman
Wild West Hero
It's Over
Shine A Little Love

Disc 2

Don't Bring Me Down
The Diary Of Horace Wimp
Last Train To London
I'm Alive
All Over The World
Don't Walk Away
Hold On Tight
Ticket To The Moon
The Way Life's Meant To Be
Rock and Roll Is King
Secret Messages
Four Little Diamonds
Calling America
So Serious
Latitude 88 North

Release date: 10 October 2011.   Amazon UK


Anonymous said...

Is this the NEW versions or the originals.

Gregg said...

Since there are three songs from Xanadu, can we assume they are the originals?

Gregg said...

D'oh! Make that four songs.

Jerry said...

These will be the original versions. Nothing from Zoom but the only news here would the Xanadu tracks. Who remastered them and what condition are they in?

Anonymous said...

Another compilation so soon after the last one ?

I will buy it (of course) - but deja-vu once more...

I (we !) want new material Jeff !

At this rate I will have no money left to buy any new material !

It would seem there is still plenty of blood in the ELO compilation stone.

Who'd be a fan eh ?

Anonymous said...

Pretty good selection of tracks, excellent for an ELO newbie, but this is incredibly frustrating. WHY?

swarlock said...

I'll skip this one. I already have enough of this stuff.

Anonymous said...

very good compilation (no collectable ps or booklet? )BUT HEY: Who needs this if without JEFF's new solo versions?
in the meantime LISTEN TO ME:
Buy BUDDY HOLLY-Tribute with JEFF's
Words Of Love :) !

Jerry said...

Good news from Lynn Hoskins. Apparently there are going to be 4 'new' single edits on this collection.

Anonymous said...

Words fail me.....

TrekkiELO said...

And it will also be a US release replacing their single disc Essential from 2003 one week later on October 18th, 2011!


Larsen said...

They could've put some more effort into the cover art.