Friday, October 14, 2011


You remember that compilation Roy Wood has been working on?  Well, Music Book appears to be ready for a 14 November release in the UK.

You remember when Roy Wood mentioned that one of his late 80s/early 90s tracks with Jeff Lynne would included in this set??  Well, it appears that he has back-pedaled on that idea.

1. California Man (Roy Wood with his Rock & Roll "Big Band") *
2. Ball Park Incident (Wizzard)
3. Forever (Roy Wood)
4. Oh What A Shame (Roy Wood)
5. Fire Brigade (Roy Wood) *
6. French Perfume (Roy Wood with Wizzard)
7. Down To Zero (Roy Wood)
8. Raining In The City (Roy Wood)
9. I Can Hear The Grass Grow (Status Quo)
10. Beautiful Daughter (Roy Wood with Carl Waynes)
11. Tonight (Move)
12. Lion's Heart (Roy Wood) *
13. Look Thru The Eyes Of A Fool (Roy Wood)
14. Dear Elaine (Roy Wood)
15. Main Street (Roy Wood with Wizzard)
16. New York City (Roy Wood Rock & Roll Band) *
17. Givin' Your Heart Away (Roy Wood)
18. Sing Out The Old...Bring In The New (Roy Wood with Kempsey School Choir)

1. See My Baby Jive (Wizzard)
2. Starting Up (Roy Wood)
3. Any Old Time Will Do (Roy Wood)
4. Miss Clarke And The Computer (Roy Wood)
5. Green Glass Windows (Roy Wood with Kempsey School Choir)
6. R. U. Red E 2 Rock (Wizzard)
7. Chinatown (Move)
8. Flowers In The Rain (Nancy Sinatra)
9. Why Does Such A Pretty Girl (Sing Those Sad Songs) (Roy Wood)
10. Brontosaurus (Move)
11. Olympic Flyer (Roy Wood)
12. Angel Fingers (A Teen Ballad) (Wizzard)
13. Keep Your Hands On The Wheel (Roy Wood feat John Bonham Drums)
14. Aerial Pictures (Roy Wood) *
15. This Is The Story Of My Love (Wizzard)
16. Blackberry Way (Move with extra strings by Roy Wood) *
17. I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday (Wizzard)
18. First Movement E.L.O (Roy Wood acoustic guitar & cello)



Anonymous said...

What in the world is "First Movement E.L.O (Roy Wood acoustic guitar & cello)"? I assume it's just the usual ELO song from the first album.

edmw said...

Judging by the line

Blackberry Way (Move with extra strings by Roy Wood)

it could be a mix with just Roy parts


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