Thursday, March 8, 2012


In addition to the BluRay and DVD (USA) release of George Harrison - Living In The Material World documentary, Direct Current is now listing something from George Harrison entitled Early Takes Volume 1 also on the release schedule for May 1, same day as the BluRay and DVD release in America.

One can only guess this CD is the bonus CD that came with the Living In The Material World deluxe edition in the UK.  Time will tell.

We are intrigued at the title, though.  Depending on your interpretation of Volume 1, we are guessing (and frankly, hoping) there's at least one other volume in the cards.

A deluxe edition of Living In The Material World also appears to be forthcoming....

(Hat tip: JJR)

By the way, if you have an iPad and don't have the George Harrison Guitar Collection app, get it.  It's amazing.  The app links you to samples of his current digital catalog with one exception:  Just For Today.  It's the short background vocal clip used on his web site a few years ago.

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