Sunday, July 29, 2012


A Swedish retailer is also now listing the artwork and track list for Mr. Blue Sky, The Very Best of Electric Light Orchestra.  Release date looks like 3 October 2102 for Sweden...

The (unofficial) track list:
Mr. Blue Sky
Evil Woman
Strange Magic
Don't Bring Me Down
Turn To Stone
Telephone Line
Livin' Thing
Do Ya
Can't Get It Out Of My Head
10538 Overture
Point Of No Return

If this is true, then Point of No Return is a new title.


Ben said...

I'd buy this album for the last three tracks alone. I can't wait!

Russ said...

2102 for Sweden? :-)

I'm looking forward to hearing the Long Wave solo covers the most.

& (Getting to the) 'Point,Of No Return'

swarlock said...

Will enjoy it as I always have.

Anonymous said...

Point of No Return could be another cover. Perhaps by The Stylistics.

Ben said...

Actually, no.

Scroll down to the bottom. Point of No Return is a song Jeff made in the mid-2000s.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness. At least one new song would be nice. Interesting that the ship on the cover appears to be derelict - no other ships, no lights. I'm sure there is meaning there.

Anonymous said...

I will buy but honestly after 11 years was hoping for new songs. "WOrds of Love" I think is the most recent released example of a cover by Jeff and for me this sounded like something he could run off in his sleep. Jeff is often quoted as saying it's the creative process he enjoys most in making music; sure you can be creative with a cover but not as much as starting from scratch with your own songs. Still, I agree we shouldn't count our chickens.

Anonymous said...

oops posted in wrong section, I am refering to Long Wave ofcourse.