Monday, November 19, 2012


From Eric Idle:
The story so far. In a fit of egotistical madness Eric Idle has agreed to write the liner notes for Jeff Lynne’s album, but so far he has no idea what to do. He is assembling for dinner with Jeff and Billy at an expensive West Hollywood watering hole, called The Expensive West Hollywood Watering Hole. He has sat with Billy for half an hour and made a bad joke about Shark Infested Waiters at the Peninsular. They are waiting for Jeff. He appears.


Anonymous said...

Are these liner notes intended for Jeff's new upcomming album (the one of original material)? or were they intended for MBS or Long Wave?
Any thoughts?

Ben said...

"I know Armchair Theater very well. It’s a lovely album isn’t it? I mean either you know it or you’re about to, and either way you’ll love it"

I'd say it's for the Armchair Theatre remaster.