Tuesday, February 19, 2013


The official announcement was made today.  Electric Light Orchestra Live, Zoom and Armchair Theatre are now on the release schedule for April 19 in Europe and Japan, April 22 in the UK and April 23 in the USA from Frontiers Records.

Again, the Japanese editions of Armchair Theatre, ELO's Zoom and Electric Light Orchestra Live will be first out of the gate, but no word yet whether they will contain additional bonus material.

Electric Light Orchestra - Live
  1. Evil Woman
  2. Showdown
  3. Secret Messages
  4. Livin' Thing
  5. Sweet Talkin' Woman
  6. Mr. Blue Sky
  7. Can't Get It Out Of My Head
  8. Twilight
  9. Confusion
  10. Don't Bring Me Down
  11. Roll Over Beethoven
  12. Out of Luck (Bonus - 2010 recording)
  13. Cold Feet (Bonus - 1993 recording)

Electric Light Orchestra - Zoom
  1. Alright
  2. Moment in Paradise
  3. State of Mind
  4. Just for Love
  5. Stranger on a Quiet Street
  6. In My Own Time
  7. Easy Money
  8. It Really Doesn't Matter
  9. Ordinary Dream
  10. A Long Time Gone
  11. Melting in the Sun
  12. All She Wanted
  13. Lonesome Lullaby
  14. One Day (Bonus - 2004 recording)
  15. Turn to Stone (Live From CBS Television City) (Bonus)

Jeff Lynne - Armchair Theatre
  1. Every Little Thing
  2. Don't Let Go
  3. Lift Me Up
  4. Nobody Home
  5. September Song
  6. Now You're Gone
  7. Don't Say Goodbye
  8. What Would It Take
  9. Stormy Weather
  10. Blown Away
  11. Save Me Now
  12. Borderline (Bonus - 1989 recording)
  13. Forecast (Bonus - 1989 recording)


Matt Tauber said...

I'm disappointed that the reissue for "Armchair Theatre", according to the news I saw, does not include "Sirens", "I'm Gone" and the "Every Little Thing" extended version. I'd hoped after 22 years he would get it all on one disc.

Jerry said...

Well, let's see what happens in case there are bonus tracks made available via iTunes or the Japanese editions. If Borderline isn't a new version of some sort, then we get only one new track from Armchair Theatre. That's a bit of a disappointment because I really enjoy this album and would love to hear some more session stuff from this one.

I guess many of us expected the live release to be 2 discs. There's 23 songs on the DVD, 3 unused performances from the actual concert and 3 songs recorded during the soundchecks. So 29 known titles total. Just 11 are on this disc.

DC said...

Thanks for the news Jerry

Hopefully the album of new material, mentioned by Jeff a number of times at the various press events promoting Long Wave is also released in 2013.

Somewhat disappointed One Summer Dream didn't make the final cut for the live album. Can't have everything I suppose.

swarlock said...

I'm pretty pleased Jeff releases anything at all.

It's not like he can put out everything all at once even if it is his label. Some things are worth waiting for.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why the cover designs of both Zoom and Armchair Theater are slightly different from the original ones - trademark issues?

Jerry said...

I would guess trademark/copyright, too. Remember, the guy just released a film about his entire career while completely (and I mean completely) avoiding the Sony catalog.

Jerry said...

Just replaced some of the images with some better quality versions.

Mark said...

No 'Long Black Road' on the Zoom re-issue. Now it was time to make things right for the non-Japanese market. Missed opportunity.

And no electric version of 'Save me Now' on Armchair Theatre?

Anonymous said...

Be intersting to see if the rumoured coloured vinyl issue of these albums is true.