Sunday, September 7, 2014


With the Hyde Park concert now a week away, I wanted to share some little bits that are helping me get into the spirit of things.  From time to time, I enjoy creating my own wallpapers and background images for my smartphone, iPad and computer.  Plus, my job requires me to keep some basic Photoshop skills sharp.  So, during some off-time, I've been combing through and scanning some various ELO and related promos and memorabilia I've amassed over the years.

Below are some images you are welcome to save and use if you'd like.  The tablet/iPad-shaped images are dark on purpose so your icons can still pop on the screen.  Just click on the image, and save the larger version.  It helps to have a retina display or equivalent quality.

This was my favorite of the bunch.  These are old hype stickers from some original vinyl LPs - with the background coming from one of the many ELO compilations released during the 90s.

This is the artwork for the US Promo CD of George Harrison's This Is Love - inverted and re-arranged.

From the original 7" artwork for ELO's Rock 'n' Roll Is King

Using artwork from ELO's Greatest Hits

Here is a tablet version of the hype sticker collage

Using some different elements from ELO's Hold On Tight 7" and the Time Tour book.

Artwork from the original promo CD single for Tom Petty's I Won't Back Down.

I'm not claiming any copyright to these images - and frankly, I fully expect to be ordered to remove them. But until then, feel free to save the images and use them as backgrounds on your phone, tablet or computer.


Anonymous said...

Very nice Jerry

Jerry said...

Thanks. These were a lot of fun. I've always liked the wallpapers Ken Greenwell created for FTM, but nobody really makes anything like that anymore.