Friday, September 25, 2015


The Japanese version of Alone In The Universe will be a Limited Edition 'Blu-spec CD2' - and will contain one bonus track, and it appears the (for now untitled) track will be unique to Japan. There are two versions:

The Standard Edition Blu-Spec CD2 is listed for 11 tracks.
The Deluxe Edition Blu-Spec CD2 is listed for 13 tracks.

Release date is November 18 for Japan.


Anonymous said...

According to a Facebook post, there will be a “standard” and “deluxe” edition. Amazon in the US is showing an “Exclusive Deluxe” edition with two extra tracks. I’m curious if it’s an exclusive *version* of the deluxe edition, or if the one and only deluxe edition is going to be an Amazon exclusive.

It then looks like both the “standard” and “deluxe” editions in Japan will add the same one unique track to their respective tracklistings.

Greg Sapara said...

It stinks that Japan gets a bonus while the rest of us don't - and then it's very difficult to get a Japanese copy over here. Arrgh!