Friday, October 16, 2015


Amazon Japan now confirming an additional track on their editions of Alone In The Universe.  The deluxe edition Blu-Spec CD2 will contain 13 tracks.
  1. When I Was A Boy
  2. Love & Rain
  3. Dirty To The Bone
  4. When The Night Comes
  5. The Sun Will Shine On You
  6. Ain't It A Drag
  7. All My Life
  8. I'm Leaving You
  9. One Step At A Time
  10. Alone In The Universe
  11. Fault Line
  12. Blue
  13. On My Mind

In addition, Sony Japan will be release a fresh batch of original ELO card sleeve editions - same as 2006 and 2007 except on Blu-Spec CD2 discs (really no different than standard CDs.)  All of ELO's current Sony remasters from On The Third Day to Balance of Power will be released along side Alone In The Universe on November 18, 2015 in Japan only.

Then the following week, Sony Japan will also put out a 2 CD grouping of All Over The World: The Very Best of Electric Light Orchestra and Ticket To The Moon: The Very Best of Electric Light Orchestra Volume 2.  That is on the docket for November 25, 2015 in Japan.


Keith J Sinclair said...

Hi Jerry! Disappointing that "Fall Down At Your Feet" is missing but let's hope that those other JL produced trax are in there. KJS@ELOBF

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