Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Well, indications are that it may take a while for any bonus material for the new Fly/Salvo edition of Looking On to appear online.  Other than the USA edit of Brontosaurus, there's apparently not much left.  The Salvo Looking On website is teasing us with Falling Forever "if you pray hard enough..." which I personally translate into "fat chance."  But hope does indeed spring eternal.

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Anonymous said...

So you like Jeff Lynne? (winks) I tend to explore music of several different genres. I checked out a few of his lyrics here and there to see what the interest was. So why didn't I listen to them? Hmmm rather hard for someone who is deaf. In my defense it's only been 3 years so I do generally remember quite a bit about the music I once listened to. I've come to find lyrics themselves have so much poetic beauty even without the music. It's nice to see someone dedicated to the music they love. I did however notice scrolling down, like me you do have a diverse taste in music choices. I know strange talking music with someone who no longer hears does however remain quite alive for me. After all isn't the music we listen (or used to) a sampling of our own spirits? (Hugs) Indigo