Sunday, May 24, 2009


Good discussion over at the ELO Forever Boards about the Regina Spektor album, including this from Shilo:

They really should have gone with BLUE LIPS as the first single, IMO. Not only is the chorus much more immediate and memorable than LAUGHING WITH, but it has a far better melody as well.

You know, I think the way they're doing it is smart.  The old "first single" rules are totally changed now.  Not just one song anymore.  Laughing With has very pointed lyrics that will connect, so that was a great "first single" choice.  Now it has a video, too.  But by putting out Blue Lips almost right after, it's suggesting the album is way more flavorful.  Blue Lips seems to be a great choice for that.  Tell me the first 30 seconds (or so) isn't absolutely brilliant.  Then, the way the song just busts open is perfection!

You can now buy the Laughing With video on iTunes.  Blue Lips should have a lavish video,too.  But then again, I would probably crap myself if they made one.  And by the way, they already have a new (lower budget) video of a third album track: Dance Anthem of the 80s...

I think this strategy will work for her. 

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