Monday, June 8, 2009


FTM has a nice layout with pictures and the complete credits for the Jeff Lynne-produced tracks on Regina Spektor's Far. The Sword and The Pen is the fifth track they've worked on together and is included on the Far Special Edition and digital download.

Far is out two weeks from tomorrow... and the Laughing With EP (mentioned below this post) with Folding Chair is released tomorrow.


Khrizz said...

That's fantastic. They look like dad and daughter.. :)

swarlock said...

Very nice.

Ryan said...

Congrats to Ken Greenwell, who continually does great work on the FTM website.


Earl Green said...

What strikes me about both of the interviews linked from the FTM site is that the music press seems to have built up a mystique - and not a disrespectful one either - around Jeff. That completely surprised me.

I wasn't at all surprised to hear that Tom Whalley went silent at the idea of Regina working with Jeff; Whalley also passed on Crowded House, another favorite act of mine, in the '80s. I'm not impressed with his music acumen. But increasingly, I am with Ms. Spektor's, prior knowledge of ELO or no.