Wednesday, June 17, 2009


UPDATE (July 2): Lynn Hoskins from Showdown, The Official ELO Mailing List has an official response to these reports and revealed it to the Beatles News Briefs at the

"At some point, someday, Jeff may get involved. As of now, there is no schedule and there are no plans."

Original Post:

If reports are true, including this one from the NYC-based The Improper, there will some new George Harrison material with Jeff Lynne and Dhani Harrison at the helm again. is going a step further saying that Jeff Lynne has basically agreed to do it.

Olivia Harrison has been doing the rounds on behalf of Let It Roll: Songs by George Harrison and has been mentioning that George has a lot of unfinished material, some songs more completed than others.

That would be great news, but you know what? I have a bone to pick with the Harrison camp/record company. On top of the anger so many Harrison fans feel about Let It Roll, whether founded or not, the buyers of the physical CD now to contend with the fact they have to buy Let It Roll again to get it's digital only bonus track. I wish they would learn how to market in the digital age better.


swarlock said...
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swarlock said...

Jeff is going to have a lot on his plate again.

And that's good!

ChrisJVargo said...

Sounds a bit unofficial to me. I know I've read before that Jeff and Dhani haven't tackled some of George's later unfinished works because George never felt the material was done, or done enough to be finished by the duo. Don't get me wrong I'd love nothing more than to have new material including the ever elusive "Valentine" track, but until we hear something official, I'd be skeptical.

Jerry said...

Very valid point, Chris. When it comes to anything Beatles, beware.