Thursday, December 3, 2009


I recognize this is the typical 'you're getting old' argument.  But I mean, they couldn't muster a single Grammy nod for Regina Spektor?  Not one??  There are several other names that should be on the nomination list, too, but aren't.  Not to begrudge any talented artist (and many names on the list are indeed talented,) but didn't the AMAs and the VMAs and the Billboards and the People's Choice, etc etc already honor [insert name here] multiple times over??   The Grammys must be in a bind.  If ratings for the awards ceremony on TV are down, they need to have a nomination list like this one to stay mainstream.

The Grammys, however, should be digging a little deeper into the talent pool to keep their award's prestige above the others.  Now it's just deluded with the others.

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