Monday, March 11, 2013


Here's our first look at the new Sony Blu-Spec CD 2 editions of A New World Record, Out of the Blue, Discovery and Time.

The Out of the Blue set, like the previous Blu-Spec edition, comes in a rare thicker jewel case to accomodate all the booklets and other items inside.  A New World Record, again like the previous Blu-Spec version, comes in the now rare opaque CD tray and a more bare bones package for some reason.  Uniform design red discs?  Eh.  


Barry said...

Have any of you fellas found that the blu-spec mastering process yields audible benefits? In other words, have you guys found blu-spec worthwhile?

Jerry said...

No additional benefits that I've been able to detect. They sound nice and clear, but so do the original CDs.

As I understand it (and please anyone jump in here) they're not outright promising better or higher resolution sound - just the same high quality (current) digital master presented in a different but similar process.

They're nice pressings as many Japanese pressing are, but no upgrade in the sound that I can tell.

elo_rey said...

I can tell you one release that makes really the difference is the Japan Black CD of Xanadu (CSCS6034, NICE PRICE, 1800 Y), one thousand times better that the 98 UK remaster or poorer previous versions. For me its warm and powerful sound makes it the best release, lightyears from the rest of the world editions:


Pi5mak said...

Out Of The Blue have a additional paper-cut like vinyl version??