Thursday, March 14, 2013


Amazon has ELO Live, Zoom and Armchair Theatre mp3 albums up for pre-order with 30 second clips of each track:

Electric Light Orchestra - Live 

  1. Evil Woman  (4:27)
  2. Showdown   (4:08)
  3. Secret Messages   (4:06)
  4. Livin' Thing   (4:09)
  5. Sweet Talkin' Woman   (3:15)
  6. Mr. Blue Sky   (3:31)
  7. Can't Get It Out Of My Head   (4:11)
  8. Twilight   (3:30)
  9. Confusion   (3:34)
  10. Don't Bring Me Down   (4:08)
  11. Roll Over Beethoven   (6:26)
  12. Out of Luck (Bonus - 2010 recording)   (2:36)
  13. Cold Feet (Bonus - 1993 recording)   (2:17)

  1. Alright   (3:12)
  2. Moment in Paradise   (3:35)
  3. State of Mind   (3:03)
  4. Just for Love   (3:38)
  5. Stranger on a Quiet Street  (3:39)
  6. In My Own Time   (3:03)
  7. Easy Money   (2:51)
  8. It Really Doesn't Matter   (3:19)
  9. Ordinary Dream  (3:22)
  10. A Long Time Gone   (3:15)
  11. Melting in the Sun   (3:10)
  12. All She Wanted   (3:14)
  13. Lonesome Lullaby   (4:04)
  14. One Day (Bonus - 2004 recording)   (3:03)
  15. Turn to Stone (Live From CBS Television City) (Bonus)   (3:40)

Jeff Lynne - Armchair Theatre
  1. Every Little Thing   (3:42)
  2. Don't Let Go   (3:01)
  3. Lift Me Up   (3:37)
  4. Nobody Home   (3:53)
  5. September Song   (2:59)
  6. Now You're Gone   (3:57)
  7. Don't Say Goodbye   (3:10)
  8. What Would It Take   (3:41)
  9. Stormy Weather   (3:42)
  10. Blown Away   (3:30)
  11. Save Me Now   (1:54)   ("It's still going, you know" is apparently lopped off)
  12. Borderline (Bonus - 1989 recording)   (2:24)
  13. Forecast (Bonus - 1989 recording)   (3:53)
ELO Live and Zoom are now also appearing iTunes... with 1:30 clips.


Russ said...

All the brand new tracks sound good, just wish they could all run for at least 4 minutes instead of the usual 2 & a half! I notice Borderline has slightly different lyrics; always good to hear any new bits that Jeff's worked on. Pity in a way that a re-vamped Sirens doesn't also feature.

Russ. U.K .

Anonymous said...

Ohh, I like what I am hearing, especially "One Day" from Zoom (which is one of my favorite albums). Also "Forecast" from (AT).
I think I wll really enjoy these re-issues, as the bonus tracks sound great.

rob10538 said...

'Forecast' sounds really promising...

Barry said...

Does anyone anticipate noticeably improved sound from either the Armchair Theatre or Zoom releases? I'm damn hopeful on AT, but Zoom seems like it'll probably just be a bonus track release. Anyone have an inside scoop on the sound quality for these reissues?

swarlock said...

Im anticipating these too. That's all I will say.

ELO Doctor Bob said...

I wonder if "it's still going, you know" is now at the end of Forecast.

Anonymous said...

Just heard “One Day” in BBC 2. What a masterpiece. This is pure Jeff / ELO brought to the 21st century. It has all the elements to make me weep out of emotion: the beautiful melody, chord changes, vocal harmonies and the pure Jeff sound production. Just beautiful in every sense. Perfect.

Jerry said...

That would bum me out, Dr. Bob...

Acetate (Frank Ziegler) said...

Wish that had included, "I'm Gone" from Armchair. It was the b-side to a cassette I had of "Every Little thing".

MrCarpenter said...

"One Day" and "Forecast" sound really cool. The other ones sound good, but not much as these two.

I hope Jeff's new original album will contain songs in the style of One Day, Point Of No Return, Love Changes All and Helpless. They are all great!

MrCarpenter said...

Mmm, seems like AT is reeally re-mastered. Zooms sounds too much like the first impressions.

Jerry said...

Armchair Theatre sounds amazing.

Mark said...

"It's still going you know" is indeed after Forecast. I own the cd already. Borderline seems to be a partial re-recording. Sounds better!

Anonymous said...

I have kept away from these records for a long time (by that i mean years) and got the new set today ...

AT sounds great even now
Zooms sounds better than I remember

but the thing that has gobsmacked all over again are his songs..they are so much better than I remembered
not got to live yet ...excited. com

MrCarpenter said...

Now listening AT $ Zoom. Both sound really amazing! Live CD is also very powerful, despite being to short...

And the songs:
-"One Day" sounds good. It reminds me "Poni Of No Return".
-"Out Of Luck": This song sounds good but it could have been better.
-"Cold Feet": Despite being a short track, those Keyboard arrangments at the beggining of the song are amazing!
-"Borderline": Seemms like Jeff re-recorded the song. However, it sound solid.
-"Forecast": It was a suprise for me to listen the complete song. It could be the best song released by Jeff of these three CD's.

We need a preview of "Lucky Motel". I read in some website that is an instrumental.