Thursday, October 15, 2015



Chris O. said...

Kind of a simpler cousin to "Stranger On A Quiet Street." Will probably grow on me.

Chippa said...

Not bad. Has a nice reggae thing going on. Love the guitar solo.

rob10538 said...

There are suggestions that this album may have a theme or concept running through it. This song can certainly be associated with the album title. Love the vocal. Some song titles from the ELO archives thrown in for good measure too! Thumbs up from me!

Anonymous said...

It's an EXCELLENT Song with a Very Haunting Melody Flowing through it.
The song is very Reminiscent to me of a television theme tune from the
late 60's or early 70's.
But I'm not 4 1 Moment in Time suggesting that there is any plagiarism
in the song or tune it just reminds this 50 yr old of Something out on
the Airwaves/Ether of Another Time.
In my Humble point of view it's Just Another FANTASTIC Song & Piece of
Music from The Maestro of Music Himself JEFF LYNNE.
If we still had 7" Vinyl Chart Sales this would most Definitely be in
the TOP 10 Listings.