Monday, January 19, 2009


Sadly, it's been a while since we could hear anything other than a pin drop in the ELO and related world.  But there's two small items floating about (outside of the recent re-make of Mr. Blue Sky turning up yet again, this time in Paul Blart: Mall Cop)...

ELO's videos are now available in higher quality (larger files) versions from the iTunes store, but in the ass-backwards tradition of the digital age so far, Here Is The News is not one of them yet.  Go figure.  Look for the items that say iTunes Plus.

And secondly, Out of the Blue is coming out on BluSpec this week in Japan, and we got our first peek as to what it looks like.

Back to hearing crickets chirp.

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swarlock said...


I can hear the silence all the way from Jeff's house. Again, not his fault.

Oh well.