Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Two items from The Move coming up in March.

First, in the UK, The Very Best of The Move is out March 2 from Salvo.  Amazon and have pre-orders already.  FTM will likely follow. Like the new box set, its content is translabel, Harvest included... but in a slipcase? reads the track list as:

  1. Flowers In The Rain
  2. Blackberry Way
  3. I Can Hear The Gras Grow
  4. Night Of Fear
  5. California Man
  6. Fire Brigade
  7. Omnibus
  8. Beautiful Daughter
  9. When Alice Comes Back To The Farm
  10. Curly
  11. Tonight
  12. Don't Throw Stones At Me
  13. (Here We Go Round) The Lemon Tree
  14. It'll Be Me (Live At The Marquee)
  15. Do Ya
  16. Cherry Blossom Clinic
  17. Disturbance
  18. Hello Susie (Abridged)
  19. Wild Tiger Woman
  20. Piece Of My Heart (Live At The Marquee)
  21. Wave The Flag And Stop The Train
  22. Chinatown
  23. Useless Information
  24. Brontosaurus
  25. Move

Secondly, Musictap is reporting on its January 28 post that Shout! Factory is putting out a Very Best of The Move on March 17.  No further info or track list for this one yet and no word on whether it's related to the Salvo relelase at all.


Anonymous said...

Shout Factory announcement re US releases for The Move are incorrect. However, the fabbo 'piece of my heart' from the remastered 'Anthology' box Set (live at the Marquee disc) appeared in this weeks 'Nip/Tuck'!

Jerry said...


Galley said... has a release date of June 29, 2009 for the Shout Factory release.