Tuesday, February 3, 2009


In terms of this new ELO release in Japan, there's not much to add from the Discovery Blu-Spec comments earlier.  Currently, this version of the Out of the Blue remaster is the best sounding available.  The improvement is slight, but I have to admit, to my ears, there's one track seems to benefit the most from this new format: Latitude 88 North.  I hear a few more details (or is it stability) in this version.

Anyway, if you buy one, take care of the case.  It's an extra thick jewel case that houses the deluxe remastered booklet, Blu-Spec info sheet, black & white lyrics booklet and (unique to any other release) a standard CD fold insert (because the deluxe OOTB booklet isn't standard CD size) of the album cover art on the front, the inside of the spaceship on the flip side.

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