Wednesday, October 21, 2009


The Beatles Examiner is reporting that the long awaited Traveling Wilburys deluxe (and I mean deluxe) book from Genesis Publications could be out in time for the holidays.  As mentioned earlier, these books are not cheap.  Genesis' music books range from 295-900 British Pounds.  That translates into $489-1,495 USD.  Their books are, however, second to none in terms of quality.  Genesis previously wrote that they would pull out all the stops for the Wilburys, so who knows what that means for the book price.

They have/had two Concert For George books, the deluxe is long sold out, as is (two volumes of) Songs by George Harrison.

No indication of what will be included in the Wilburys book.  The announcement is expected any day now.

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swarlock said...

I'm still paying off that Hotel I stayed at when I did that live radio gig at CW Post which is exactly the cost of the book.