Thursday, October 22, 2009


For the record, this is a fake.  But I'm buying one anyway.  It's Jeff Lynne's Armchair Theatre from 1990 presented in a mini-LP CD, made in central bootlegsville.  I'm curious, that's all.

This album's 20th anniversary is next year and we're all still (after 6 years) awaiting the remastered and expanded edition.


swarlock said...

I'm waging that Sony or whoever's got Jeff locked up won't come through like the last few times when missed opportunities didn't appear.

Forgive my jadedness. It's not Jeff's fault. It's the Record Company and always has been.

elo_rey said...

Hi, Jerry

I´m looking for a "mini lp" edition of Xanadu. I think the ones surrounding the web are also fakes, but it would be ok to me for completing my ELO asian boxes.

I´ve found two internet stores that has this Xanadu "mini lp" in stock: and

Which one would you recommended me (I don´t know these shops)? Do you know of any other secure shop for this items? (I was recently victim of a fraud in ebay by a russian people with this cd).

Thanks very much in advance.