Friday, October 23, 2009


The pre-orders are up for The Traveling Wilburys book by Genesis Publications.  There is one Collector's Edition for 195 British Pounds (US $318) and one Deluxe Edition for 375 British Pounds (US $612)...

Copies will be signed by Jeff Lynne.

Genesis Publications blurb:
Interwoven with hundreds of unseen photographs, Polaroids, drawings, log book entries and handwritten lyric sheets, The Wilburys tell their tale in their own words, with the occasional help of drummer Jim Keltner and others.
Not sure yet what makes the Collector's edition different from the Deluxe edition other than the obvious.


Anonymous said...

which one are you buying? Deluxe or collector?

Jerry said...

I ordered the deluxe yesterday.

Cicky said...

I would love to get myself a copy of The Traveling Wilburys book. Especially when Jeff Lynne have been holding them to put his name on them. The only problem is that I don't have a Visa Master card and I don't know if I can order by snale mail, to pay for the book when it arrives at the post office in Dalby, Sweden where I live.