Monday, July 25, 2005


While on holiday in Mexico I was reading the Showdown List and saw the frustration and anger is showing on various topics.  I added this last gripe about "Future ELO" on the Showdown List:

Subject: Radio 2 Doc - STOP MOANING!

Just to clarify (at least my) current frustration, I understand it's important to be patient.  Really I do.  And part of my anger may even be directed (dare I say) at Jeff.  From what I've read or heard, my impression is he doesn't like releasing news about anything concerning his music or projects until it's absolutely necessary.  Could that explain why any suggestion of ELO releases is re-written on the FTM site?

But after, say, 4 years of patience, The All Over The World CD (and subsequent Radio 2 doc) was presented as the beginning of ELO releases throughout 2005-2006, whatever that meant.  I don't know about you, but I was ecstatic at whatever it is/was.

I have a great deal of respect for Rob and Lynn and Ken and everyone else we don't know behind the scenes.   Their jobs certainly can't be a breeze.  By that same token, though, I don't believe anyone is beyond a little constructive criticism… however well received it is.

We just have to keep playing nice in the sandbox.  ;-)

As much as the words "coming soon" drive me crazy, my only real criticism of Rob here is his preview of the Radio 2 doc.  You can't tease what's new for ELO in 2005 when the answer is "I'm not sure yet."  When you couple that all suggestion of future ELO releases being erased from the FTM opening pages, news and bio sections, how else are we (as fans) supposed to interpret that?

That knee-jerk-worse-case-scenario reaction that we all know so well kicks in, so the fans reaction should not be surprising at all.  It's much different when you're on the receiving end of ELO news and you don't have the inside info on that what's happening now. 

So, after all this, I'll go back to be hopeful again.  It helps when you're on holiday in Mexico.  ;-)

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