Tuesday, July 5, 2005


Well, all of that excitement has built up for weeks following the release and chart success of the All Over The World comp CD.  Many of us were waiting with bated breath for the end of Face The Music - The ELO Story to get some kind of update on what Jeff's up to now.

Turns out, the program's end could not have been any more anti-climatic.  Despite what sounded like tons of news pending, Jeff's answer to ELO in 2005 was "I'm not sure yet."  No talk of Greatest Hits Live, no talk of whatever became of his plans to launch a record label and new official web site elo.biz, no talk of remasters, no talk of producing others, no talk of anything (besides the story behind the name ELO) that was informally teased on the Showdown List and certainly no talk of a new album or tour. Nothing. 

In fact, the only pleasant surprise was hearing "Hello My Old Friend."   I honestly thought there'd be some shred of news coming from this program.

Unless there's news of a release an actual fan would enjoy, it sounds like all of us who have hung in there for this long are back at Square 1... again.  What a complete and utter disappointment.

You'll notice that even the slightest suggestion of planned ELO releases or remasters has been taken off of Face The Music Online.  That is not a good sign at all.

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mrbluesky11755 said...

I'm as disappointed as you with the E.L.O. story,it just seems to me that the programme was over hyped and didn't live up to it's expectations and was aimed more at new fans rather than the old guard.

I did receive a newsletter (along with an E.L.O. FRISBEE) to let me know that there will be albums released this year containing E.L.O. music (Harvest Showdown compilation-5th September) with clues to other releases.