Friday, July 29, 2005


What a way to start a Friday: reading good news (Hat tip: Bryan Crain).  Rolling is reporting that Jeff Lynne is producing the new Tom Petty (solo) album due out later this year or early next.  Of all of the incredible people Jeff has collaborated with over the years, his Tom Petty collaborations have yielded some of his strongest material.  To me, it's always been a perfect blending of two great musical minds and I always hoped they would work together again.

Tom is enjoying a rather successful concert tour and playing one of his new songs, "Turn This Car Around."  I missed the tour when it came to the Philly area, but a friend and co-worker who did go, loved it.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more.  I was always as huge of a Petty fan as a Jeff Lynne fan.  I think their work together brought out the best in Petty's sound and Jeff's production.  I'm surprised that we haven't heard that Jeff would be the producer of the new CD sooner than this.

Anonymous said...

Great to hear that Jeff has been busy with new stuff with Tom, hope the album is as good as the other two!!I'm sure it will be. After all the gloomy news lately I had a feeling that something was going to be announced quickly, it is very welcome news indeed. I hope that Jeff has written or co-written some of the tracks as well as producing them because his creative input will give more weight to the album.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, seriously, seriously -- great news.  I can't wait for this album.  I'm really astonished at how some fans have been complaining about this, as it means more time without a new ELO/Jeff Lynne solo album.  FULL MOON FEVER is one of the great rock albums of all time; what a gift to have Jeff and Tom together again.

Now, what would be very cool, would be a co-headlining, ELO-Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers tour.  If Jeff can get out the expanded edition of ZOOM when HIGHWAY COMPANION comes out, it would make perfect sense.

Anonymous said...

The Jeff Lynne pattern since 1986, history might be repeating itself!

Here's something to chew on in 15 year increments and no Traveling Wilburys within these equations because a new album is highly unlikely and if it was 2003-04 would have been its time...

Electric Light Orchestra Balance Of Power: 1986
George Harrison Cloud Nine: 1987
Tom Petty Full Moon Fever: 1989
Jeff Lynne Armchair Theatre: 1990

Electric Light Orchestra ZOOM: 2001
George Harrison Brainwashed: 2002
Tom Petty Highway Companion: 2005-06
Jeff Lynne New Untitled Second Solo Album: 2006 or '07?


Rick Vendl II