Wednesday, July 6, 2005


Having slept on it... and reading various reactions on the Showdown list, I'm holding my position on being extremely disappointed with the new BBC documentary about ELO.

#1- Mr. Blue Sky - The Jeff Lynne Story from 2001 (again BBC Radio 2) was far and away a superior show.  Jeff showed much more of his personality and at times gave me a good chuckle especially when he talked about how an ELO member's hydrallic lift failed and left with the member's head was sticking out of the floor during a live show.  Or Tom Petty talking about getting Roy Orbison to join the Wilburys.

#2 - We were given the distinct impression that we'd hear "some good news" concerning Jeff.  Yes, plans change and maybe things aren't ready yet.  That could be a factor of why the show was pushed back from June 25.  But the impression I'm getting (as well as others) is one of outward frustration.  Given Jeff's cryptic answer to "what's next" and the virtual re-writing of a few key FTM pages that erase any mention of ELO remasters and other 2005-2006 planned releases, you can't expect a fan to be optimistic.  We only have future ELO surprises, which has historically meant nothing.

This isn't all meant to harshly criticize the people behind the scenes because their job can't be easy.  The few things that have materialized in the last 5 years have been fine items for the most part.  It's exciting to hear about what's actually going on behind the scenes, but this time it raised expectations too high.  In return, fans helped send a compilation CD they didn't need into the charts and sit through a completely overhyped radio documentary.

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jetlx527 said...


Get a sense of history being re-written also, similar to Paul Mccartneys interviews on his relationshipo with Lennon.

Big build up, and a let down.